Friday, March 27, 2009

How It All Started

I knew 2009 would be a very memorable and life changing year for me. Three months have already passed. So many events transpired. I'm losing my job at the end of April. For a while I've felt very complacent in my current job. I knew I needed a change. Perhaps getting laid off is a blessing in disguise. I need a new challenge. Now is the best time.

I have this good friend, "Ally" who has been teaching yoga for years now. She used to encourage me to take her classes but I never would. I thought the gym was the only place to get a good workout. Plus I was turned off by the idea of being in a hot sweaty room with a bunch of smelly people. When she decided to move to L.A., I was approached by another girlfriend to try the class with her. "E" and I worked together at Banana Republic. E would tell me about how she lost so much weight and kept it off doing Bikram Yoga. E asked me to take a class with her. She told me to give it a week to decide if it was for me. I was reluctant but interested once she showed me her before and after pictures.

July 2007 I took my first class. My teacher was Meghan. She was easy going and made me feel like I could last the entire 90 minutes. I went several times that week. To my surprise, I really enjoyed the way I felt afterwards. A few weeks later I got a few friends to try it with me along with my Bestie, "Montana". Since then Montana and I have been hooked! Of course there are times when I don't want to go, but more often than not my body craves it.

As I mentioned earlier, I'm losing my job in the corporate world. I've decided that if there was a time to do this, the time is now. When will I ever have the chance to take 9 weeks off from a job to take a training class. I truly believe everything happens for a reason. And so my journey begins....


  1. I love it! So true. I believe the same way. Everything happens for a reason. I thought you would be a great teacher even before losing your job. You have that drive and focus. This is the best time for you to start a new venture in your life. I wish i had found the yoga in my twenties. Oh, well better late than never.

  2. I also started in July 2007, and now I'm applying for Fall training! Hope to see you there!