Sunday, November 8, 2009

Fall Back

Anatomy Tests - awful.... but posture clinic has got me on this natural HIGH! I spent the entire weekend in study groups with Lynn Whitlow. I think it paid off. Our group was in the tent tonight. I was ready to go and so were a whole bunch of people. I was waiting in line....Just my luck as soon as it was my turn to go, Bikram walks in with his entourage. I turn around and try to get the next person to go next but she didn't want to. The next thing I know I'm up there and doing this pose like I've never done before. It was the best posture I've delivered yet! And it was in front of Bikram! I got a ton of cheers! I was proud of myself. It was scary but good! I got good feedback and my entire group told me I did so good. It felt good. Funny how that was probably meant to happen to me so I could come to the realization that I do have potential to be a good teacher.