Monday, August 31, 2009

and more shopping!

I just picked up this Power Y Tank at Lululemon. I already own several of these tanks in other colors. This coal color is from the fall 09 line. I love the way these tanks fit! The racerback straps helps give you necessary flexibility while cooling your back side. This tank is great for the standing series of class. There are other things I need to shop for before my big adventure. Someone who has gone to training in the past listed her list of items to bring to training in her blog. I've started to use this as a guideline of what I need for training. Of course since it's Vegas, I'll have to pack additional clothes, just in case!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Officially Commited!

My application has been submitted via internet and mail this week. It's a huge time commitment as well as a huge financial investment. With that said, I've been looking forward to training for quite some time now. Soon it will become reality. There's another gal from my studio who is going to training as well. It'll be nice to have someone there to understand what I'll be going through each day. I checked with the hotel regarding internet. It's not free in the room, but there's free wi-fi in the 24 hour cafe. So I'll be able to be in touch with outside world and blog about training. I suppose it's better than nothing! We'll be staying at the Las Vegas Hilton for 9 weeks. It's not on the strip thank goodness, but close enough. I just hope the temptations of Vegas are not a distraction for me!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Must Shop!

Lululemon clothes makes want to practice yoga just to so I can wear the cute outfits. I picked up this top and shorts for training. I really like the length of these shorts. Plus they're reversible! So it's almost like getting two pair for the price of one. Well that's my rationale for the purchase. With 2 months to go until training I need to get more clothes, in particular more shorts! It gives me a good reason to head to the mall!